Mostplay Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy governs how we manage all of the information we send and receive.

You grant us permission to use whatever method necessary to check your identity and credentials with outside information providers at any time.

You consent to us contacting you occasionally to ask about any promotional activities if you win a sizable sum of money or place an atypically lucrative wager. If you permit us to do so, we may use your name and/or image.


You acknowledge that Name, Address, and Payment Information about your identification are held by Mostplay and its Affiliates. You acknowledge that we will rely on this data to carry out our agreement with you. You further agree to hold us harmless in the event that any information you give us is untrue or inaccurate.

Mistakes and Omissions

If there are any problems in your account, you must contact us right once or you risk losing the money that is shown there due to a human or technological error.

Suspension аnd Termination

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account at any time, with or without cause, and upon notice to you. You are always free to terminate your account. Just get in touch with our customer care if you want to.

If we discover that you are operating in regions outside of our legal jurisdiction, we may stop you from gambling or from using our services.

We reserve the right to look into any improbable activity connected to your account. We retain the right to take any or all of the monies in your account upon the conclusion of an inquiry if it is found that you have violated any terms and conditions. We can immediately suspend your account if the police request it of the casino regulatory bodies.


These terms and conditions cannot be transferred to a third party. At any moment, Mostplay company may delegate, transfer, or renew one or more of its rights and responsibilities to a third party. Registered users will be informed of any transfers by Mostplay and will not be permitted to access our services if they object. However, you can still withdraw your funds in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Information we collect 

The information gathered may consist of:

  • Casino play and internet pages viewed while you were there;
  • The user’s forwarded domain that they have directed to our website;
  • Date, location, and computer used to search and access our website;
  • Remember that none of this information will reveal your identify.

In addition, whether or not we offer newsletters or similar services, we may ask for personal information, including an email address. If this is the case, we can still provide updates on the services you will receive and instructions on how to opt out of them.

How do we use collected information

In order to personalize the site, provide pertinent service offerings, and complete buying and selling requests on the site, we use personally identifiable information. We might send emails to Visitors and Authorized Customers with information on the site’s topics of interest, research possibilities, or buying and selling opportunities. In order to respond to specific requests or to deliver requested information, we may additionally contact Visitors and Authorized Customers using Personally Identifiable Information.


You can choose whether or not to have your name, email address, and website saved in cookies whenever you leave a comment on our website. These are provided for your convenience so that you won’t have to re-enter your information each time you post a remark. The shelf life of these cookies is one year.

If you go to our login page, we’ll temporarily store a cookie to see if your browser permits them. This cookie is deleted when your browser is closed and does not contain any personal information. As a result, deleting our cookies won’t have any negative effects on how you use our website.

Information Disclosure

In order to help sports and other authorities, such as the police, investigate acts of fraud and money laundering, we have the right to give them access to the information we hold on you, including personal information and your betting history.


As required by law, we take all practical measures to guarantee accurate registration and trustworthy security of your personal information. When it is no longer required to store it or upon a legal request, all personal information is destroyed.

Any information sent to us over the Internet is not guaranteed to be secure by us. You transfer all data at your own risk. To secure your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse after it has been transferred, we take all necessary precautions.

User’s rights 

For its part, Mosplay has the right to process the information that users give. At the same time, the corporation is obligated to protect this data as far as possible, is not permitted to transmit it to outside parties, and is responsible for any violations of data storage laws. 

Mostplay will proactively monitor data security and stop information leaks in order to abide by this privacy policy. Employees who have access to user data are accountable for privacy policy violations.

Users’ submitted data may be used for advertising and analytical purposes with their permission. Additionally, they are employed by law enforcement to thwart fraud and money laundering. 

Only in response to a formal request may the material be forwarded to the nation’s legislative bodies.

Any moment, a Mostplay user can choose not to provide information to our servers. You must write a letter and send it to our official e-mail in order to accomplish this.