Mostplay Responsible Gaming

Our company is one of the leading gambling providers in the Asian region. And we also provide gambling options and services in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Our audience is currently growing and we have more and more customers every day. And that is why there is one very important and special point to consider. And it is called the Responsible Gaming Policy that you can find on every website with casino and online betting exchanges. And our company is not an exclusion.

It is not a secret that unfortunately some people have trouble with placing bets. And the main point here is about unhealthy addiction to this process. It is also called irresponsible gambling. And unfortunately, the percentage of such gamblers is also growing with the audience. But our Mostplay company wants to protect our customers. And that is why we also work due to the Responsible Gaming policy.

You can know that usual offline casinos use special blacklists. They were specially designed for people with gambling addiction and it means that the person will not be able to enter most popular casinos. It is one of the methods to protect people from online gambling. 

Online gambling websites also have a bunch of methods. They are used according to the request of the customers. And these methods usually limit some particular features and options for gamblers. But there are also methods that are more strict. 

Our company completely understands that there are people with a serious problem which is connected to gambling and that is why we also want to be a part of the responsible Gaming community. And here you will find all the most important points about this section on our website. It will help you to receive help if you have problems. And also you will find a few interesting and helpful tips!

Addiction Signs

The first and one of the most important things that you should know about Responsible Gambling are signs. Gambling addiction is a very serious disease. You can look through the list with the most popular signs of it. This list will help you to prevent addiction in different situations. For example, if you see that a member of your familiar people makes too many bets and also plays online casino without stopping then you will be able to help him. And here is the list of the most popular signs that will show if the person is addicted to gambling. 

  1. The person is always talking about online casinos and bets.
  2. If the person spends too much money on casinos and these payments affect his reals life in a dab way.
  3. Not able to control gambling.
  4. If the person has financial troubles because of regular gambling. For example, debts or other bills.
  5. If you see that person is trying to escape troubles in real life via gambling.
  6. If the person gets nervous when you speak about irresponsible gambling.
  7. When you see that the person is paying too much attention to online gambling.

As you can see, there are pretty a lot of different signs and these are not all of them. But with these main signs, you can tell if the person has problems with online gambling. Learn these special signs and it will help you to provide the person with appropriate help and prevent the addiction!

Responsible Gaming Tips

There are also some tips that will help you to avoid gambling addiction while playing online casino games. Unfortunately, many gamblers do not know about these simple tips and rules and it can become a problem. That is why we want to share them with you!

  1. Do not consider gambling and casino as a source of income.
  2. Make pauses in playing casino games.
  3. Only use money that you can lose and it will not affect your real life.
  4. Do not play casino games while drinking alcohol.
  5. Set deposit limits on the website.
  6. Do not play casino games if you are depressed. 
  7. Do not chase losses while playing casino games.
  8. Don’t play casino games for a living.

You can see that these are the most simple and regular rules that you can follow to avoid addiction. If you have a friend who also plays casino games then you can share this list with him. That is how you can also support Responsible Gambling.

Protection of Minors

Our company is strongly against minors’ gambling. On our website, it is forbidden to create an account if you are under 18 years old because it is illegal. We also use different systems to avoid minors gambling on our website. For example, our KYC Policy and authentification system prevents people under 18 years old from creating an account on our website. 

If you have children then you should not leave the website open if you are not going to use the device. On top of that, do not save your password for the website. We also recommend parents who gamble and their children are using the same device to use the next websites. They will help you with the supervision.

Gambling Limits

We also strongly recommend you use different limits to avoid unexpected losses while gambling. If you have an addiction then you can also apply strict measures such as deleting an account or setting a cooling-off period via our Support Service. We also recommend all the gamblers to set on deposit and loss limits which will help you to control the situation.


We also provide you with a couple of websites where you will be able to get help if you suffer from a gambling addiction or if you feel that you can have it. On these websites, you will be able to get professional and independent advice and help!